estilo Sospalak - Artesanía Tradicional Vasca

Who We Are

My passion for wood started when I was young. When I was eight years old I asked my parents for a chisel for my birthday. That was the moment when everything started.

I am a self-taught carver, I always had a desire to work with wood and I continue to improve my skills through the current day. There are always more skills to learn.
To become a carver has always been my dream. It might be a risky move, but for me, it is the only way to succeed in life on my own. I really love to go to the woods to look for fallen trees and take them to the sawmill to make boards.

The feeling of having the ability to create things by my own hand is mind-bending. I carve and make small furniture, maintaining the style of our ancestors so that it never gets lost. Carving is not just what I want to do for a living; it is my life, the life that I want.


Latest Works